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         eBay shares Here at Fort Worth Tile Company we specialize in Authentic Handcrafted and Hand Finished Mexican Saltillo Tile and Handcrafted Talavera Tile -its what we do- every day and it shows. Most other dealers have no experience in the product they sell or in fact don't even install tile at all! Please feel free to call or email us with any Saltillo questions you may have-whether you buy from us or not- We will gladly take the time to answer your questions.

All of the Saltillo we import arrives to us unfinished. We carefully inspect every batch then finish (glaze/seal and or stain) all Saltillo here is the U.S. to the customer's exact specifications. Not all Saltillo is created equal.


 We have available all sizes and shapes and colors.   

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Buy eBay shares Saltillo tile has been made for generations by the Tlaxcaltecas Artisans since 1577 from Saltillo Coahuila, Mexico. This is the genuine article; beautiful, distinctive, and authentic. This particular clay exists only in Saltillo Mexico, and is found nowhere else in the world.


    We import our Saltillo tile directly from Saltillo Mexico.  We receive shipments from Mexico on a weekly basis - meaning your order can be processed quickly if it is not already in stock.  Don't settle for the lifeless machine made commercial product that some chain  home improvement retailers pass off as "Saltillo tile."


Note: Please be wary of some "companies" attempting to sell Saltillo tile with little or no Saltillo experience claiming years of experience. They often sell "seconds," which are tiles that are rejected during production due to poor quality, in order to try to match our prices. Also, be aware that these "companies" are actually resellers that don't even stock Saltillo Tile. If you order from them most of the time your tile will ship from somewhere else- without the person you ordered from ever having even seen your tile. It is impossible for these "companies" to control quality. If you order from us you are guaranteed 1st class product because we inspect every shipment prior to offering it for sale and reject any pallets not up to our standards.

Please click here to see how REAL Saltillo tile is made.

    invest in eBay shares True authentic-handcrafted Saltillo tile is truly one of the most beautiful tiles in the world. It has been produced the same way for many generations- by hand. No two in the world are the same. Each beautiful piece has its own story to tell. They add warmness, beauty and value to your home like no other upgrade available. Upgrading to Saltillo tile is an investment that will literally last a lifetime.

    Saltillo installation is also a specialized process- different from other tile installation processes. Even the grout used for Saltillo is different from other tile grouts. There have been several cases where we were hired to fix the mistakes that other installation contractors left behind. Don't let a contractor ill experienced in Saltillo installation work on your home or business. When it comes to experience in Saltillo tile and Saltillo installations our pedigree is impeccable. Let us perform a beautiful custom installation that will last a lifetime.

   Contact us by filling out our easy online Inquiry Form to schedule a free estimate or for more information on  ordering our Products All orders can be quickly and safely shipped either locally or nationwide.

    Please take a moment to visit our Installation/Pictures page to view pictures of some of our finished Saltillo projects.

Here are some comments from some of our customers:

18 Aug 2006
Remote User:


I did considerable research prior to selecting Fort Worth Tile to do our Saltillo tile exterior patio. In fact, I have been looking for two years for the right company to do our job. Your website is very impressive! The thing I like most about it, is that it is instructional. Being an educator, I appreciate your professional website. The website allowed me to see the quality of your workmanship, and materials. We are so impressed with your craftsmanship. It is very evident that you take much pride in your work. I also appreciate your creative flair for your work. The suggestions you made improved our overall satisfaction with the job. These are things that we don't have the experience to see, but your creative talent guided us in the right direction. We are really happy with the traditional tile, and the non-slip "shark Skin" application gives that extra degree of safety that we need for the exterior application. Thank you also for the stucco you applied to the exposed concrete. That really gave the patio a finished look. Your work is outstanding! We will recommend you to all of our friends and family. Thank you very much! Paul & Janet, Plano, Texas

12 Jan 2007
Remote User:


It took my wife and I a long time to decide on the correct flooring for our home. When we finally decided on Saltillo tile, we were not sure where to get it. We looked in South Texas and found a few suppliers and almost bought it from one and were going to pay a fortune for shipping it to Dallas. Luckily, we found FW Tile! They gave us a very reasonable price on 1000 ft of BEAUTIFUL Super Saltillo tile. They even brought it to my house and stacked it in my garage until I was ready to install. If you are looking for Saltillo tile, I highly recommend this company! The product and customer service is beyond what I expected! I am in the customer service business and I expect a lot! I still e-mail them with questions and they promptly answer them. I will continue to us Fort Worth Tile Company and I will recommend them to everyone! Thanks Fort Worth Tile for making my purchase enjoyable and stress free! Ashley and Jennifer Lewisville Texas


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